Friday, 30 December 2016

Two contrasting poems to round off the year. The first is based on a Christmas party many years ago, or at least my memory of it. The second will set a few linguistic puzzles for non-Scots speakers. Pageview stats tell me I've got lot of readers, or at least viewers, in the US. Best of luck, guys!

Christmas Party Afterglow

The beach at Aberdeen begins to wake
as morning-after leaves the night-before.
We race the sea through moon-edged shadows, jump
the ripples in sea-wee’d shoes and wonder why
our drunken laughter slips on wetted sand
and why the world looks better upside-down.

We left the party draped about the room,
all snoring in a non-existent chord.
But Robbie and I still buzzed with energy.
We could not let this party drift and sink.
And so we sang a farewell to the night,
then raced the waking day along the beach.

Hogmanay Blues
First-fittin’ aul’ freen’s at the turn o’ the year
Brings mony a lach an aft a wee tear.
A’ nicht we stagger fae stairheid tae hoose,
Swappin’ banter wi’ strangers an’ quines on the loose.

Ower tae Torry tae see Auntie Nell.
Then, quick, on the bus! Get awa’ fae the smell.
Up tae the West End far Jeremy bides;
He wis Jezza in Northfield, oor Meggie confides.

Noo wir bottles o’ fusky are teem’t oot, ma son
An’ we rummle wir pooches fer crumbs o’ black bun,
We’re totally founert an’ ma stummick’s gey queer,
Bit we’ll dae it a’ ower again the next year.

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