Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A Nonsense Verse

In view of the weather - and the season - I've decided to go Lewis Carrolling.


'Tis brillig. Even turvid geese
Scrab and skibble on the ice.
All plegged in frost, the mangleferns
Now stand like branklets in a vice.

Beware the Blizzapest, my friend;
Never let it griff your prawl;
Flink before your crastanates
Become entrundled in its grawl.

But now, too late! The Blizzapest
Dispaculates the wintled ground,
Plittering the undergroan
And cratting rocks that dring besound.

Glinterblades skiddance on ice;
Grundling stones zoom round the shpeel.
While the brattering Blizzapest
Friddens all within its greel.

Enjoy your weather, wherever you are; and enjoy, as best you can,
the dreaded Frantic Season.

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