Saturday, 15 April 2017

Let's get back to humorous verse. I could do with a good laugh. Perhaps my readers in USA could do with one too. Where have you all disappeared to, guys?

The Magnificent Attenboroughs

That chap David Attenborough   
Is inordinately thorough                                                                     
When searching out new species.                                                                  
He studies everything                                                                             
From the colour of their skin                                                              
To the individual texture of their faeces.                                              
Now Dickie, on the other hand, he                                                      
Made the film entitled “Gandhi”,                                                        
That architect of India’s freedom.                                                      
Although a man of fame and note, he’s                                               
Remembered most for skinny legs                                                      
And freshly-laundered dhotis.                                                            

That’s Gandhi, by the way, not Dickie;                           
Wearing loincloths would be tricky                                 
In “Rillington” or Kringle’s fable,                          
Okay in “Great Escape”, perhaps,                                   
But not for pukka English chaps         
Who’d find it most un-pal-a-table.

In science fact and filmic fiction,
These brothers shone with rare conviction.   
On movies and on TV screen,
So hard, you say, to choose between.
You’d vote for Dick or Dave, alright. 
But which one is your favou-rite?